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Consider that design must appeal to business for its very survival.

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The edifice of modernism offers a false sense of stability in a sea of uncertainty. How else could I describe an ideology that believes it has always and will continue to achieve objective and universal form? It is pure hubris set in a monochromatic palette. Whether things work out that way is another story. Designers who entirely ignore the topic of grids miss out on something deeply important in their education. This is most true when tools and techniques are fetishized, which is the tendency among designers.

As you point out, capitalism and modernism are vast enterprises, but they are equally worthy of inquiry as both broad categories and in their specifics. On the other hand, my writing was never intended to be for everyone.

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Also, I question the premise that negative critical appraisals are antithetical to substance. If anything, writing a critical pan should inspire one to grapple with their subject. Be glad I use the language I do.

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On one hand, designers already embrace criticism. As I mentioned earlier, we all take to social media to appraise the latest logo redesign. At the same time, most people have a strong aversion to making something more of these everyday acts of criticism, as that invites a scrutiny of its own. As far as I can see, the way forward is to lead by example. Get Subtraction. Menu Skip to content.

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Home About Archives Advertise. Khoi Vinh: I think a lot of people know your writing but not as much about your background. Can you start with a brief overview? How did you begin your critical writing about design?

Green Grass, Running Water

Or did you decide early on to explicitly write criticism about design? So do you see yourself as different from any other designer writing about the craft on his or her blog or on Medium, say? Your thoughts on that? Let me see if I can summarize your central focus. Does that sound right? Well put! Can you give some examples of where you see this play out in the industry?

For the sake of readers of this interview, can I get you to cite some examples?

Green Grass, Running Water Character List

What would you say its origin is? What do you mean by that last remark? Would you agree? Even if the designer has a different interpretation of what it represents and what it means? I would agree with that.

How to Write a Critical Essay

But are any of these tools—grids, Modernism, skeuomorphism, whatever—inherently good or bad? To be literate is to be wealthy on a multitude of levels. One who is literate is wealthy in the sense that one is more in touch with reality, rather than blissful ignorance. One is also wealthy in knowledge, power, and freedom.

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  4. With all these acquired attributes, one becomes enlightened and successful, more so than one would be if they were to be illiterate. Similarly, they show the limitless power that comes with the power, the knowledge, and wealth that comes with literacy. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website. We will occasionally send you account related emails. Want us to write one just for you? Recruitment and Retention of Minorities in Nursing Essay.

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    Salma Alazmeh, Damascus, Syria - English Language Institute - Wayne State University

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