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So long I visited many big town s but it was very short after then I did E nglish courses since for 2 month and I went to the parties with my friends. I hope you will come in Cameroon to visit it. It's very relaxing I can asure you. In general, people have holidays in summer. Maybe because it coincides with holiday's schools school holidays but also since it's very hot in almost all the countries through around the world so working became too tir ed ing.

Someone wrote here over that holidays are usually short. I think that I have an explanation, simply because as soon as vacations begin we count the past days as well as those that remain. However, we can't close all our administrations and societies companies in summer! Someone must sacrifice and work during the summer.

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It's what happened to me. I don't have haven't had vacation yet. Don't worry I'll write about when I 'll have it. I know that it's out topic, but I don't want to miss this opportunity that gives me luck a chance to practice my English writing. First I'm very sorry for my bad E nglish. In our town we learn F r e nch so you know. I stayed their 15 days.

I advise you to visit Egypt, it's a famous country. I liked belly dance,the red sea, the monuments I invite you to visit the sahara of my country Algeria , it's too nice and very big.

Good bye friends, see you soon! It's make me with pleasure.


My Most Memorable Family Vacation Essay -- English-language films, Fathe

Last year , in september, I went to F rance for my vacation. The most wonderful is that I went there to meet my boyfriend. That's very good because I'm from Ocean Indian isle. To make 10 km for love it's great. Every day he show ed me different places like Eiffel tour, arc de triumph We visited museum s , fair s. I had the opportunity to know F rench people. Their culture, tradition, their base of food and so on.. So I spent my holiday s with my love and we had a very nice time together. In brief, I can say that France is very good and clean but life is very expensive.

Don't forget your capital letters! I know that I am lucky to come back 2 months During these holidays, I were well rested well , I read some books.

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I received a few friends. I envy you because I haven't succeeded in stopping that awful habit yet. I'm back!!!!!!!!!!!! And very happy to be there among all of you! I know it's late to write all about my hol i days right now but I don't manage to sleep! Actually I have shared my time between airports and planes since wednesday at 9. Well, what about my hol i days?

Wow, splendid, marvellous, exceptionnal I've never spent such a wonderful hol i days! Over there, we two friends of mine and I were in a very fancy YMCA with a lot of sports rooms: basket ball, bodybuilding, swimming pool In New York building s are really high it's impressive! As soon as I arrived there I spen t all my time with my head turning toward the sky! I went to Central Park besides, it was just next to the YMCA , this park is really huge, inside, we can find a little zoo, and the sight is great, tree, rock, foreign people have a walk like me etc Besides, in NY, I found people do who were nice and especially the police.

We went and saw them to take some pictures and they always were agree d and were happy to do it! Then I also saw the Statue of Liberty! I think and I'm even sure it will be my best memory! Wow very impressive! I rised up until its feet because it wasn't possible to rise up higher owing to a failing stair! But the sight over Manhatthan, and behind, the Brooklin bridge was exceptional indeed.

Templestowe year 4 student’s essay “Unforgettable Holiday”

I went to Ellis Island too. It was really magical too because of learn ing so much about those people who imigrated into the USA and who spent by this place! I don't know how to explain it explicate. The sight is marvellous and of course I take took a lot of pictures! Besides, throughout all my trip I took more than pictures. Especially during the night! Streets are packed and floodlights are great. They are huge and most of them are animated that's too beautiful.

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I went to the previous twin towers, but I felt a feeling really weird feeling , that was sad indeed. I saw the Madison Square Garden where plays the Knics basketball team of nba play. There, people are quite different from here!

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Or they are really muscular! In Manhattan, streets are packed of taxis, bus es , and limousines! Few are the cars driving in! But outside Manhattan that's quite different! Less taxis etc Well Chicago now. I went there from 6th in the evening from to 14th. Over there I was at my friend's grandma house! That was fantastic and great to spend time with her because that was the first time I was with someone who didn't know couldn't spea c k French so English obliged!

I confess to o I had a hard time to understand all everything but she spoke slowly to my friend and I! Of course not for his her little son who is bilingual! Actually At present she lives in Western Springs, it's 30 minutes by train from Chicago. And it was too funny to see the houses there because that was like in the movies.

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They are all one next to other with its a little garden in front of them. I don't know if you see what I mean? In Chicago it's a little bit different compared with NY, people are more "normal", less fat But they are more beautiful and especially there is the second higher building of in the world: The Sears Tower, m high with its antennas and m high without!!! Of course I rised up right up, floors! I saw the stadium of the Chicago Bulls with the statue of Michael Jordan and a lot of things more. Well I really enjoyed myself and I'll never forget that trip!

Thanks Jeanmi and excuse me beforehand for my mistakes but it was long all the same!