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In parallel, my research in the field of microtissue engineering motivated me to pursue a career in biomedical research. Today, my career goal is to combine clinical medicine with biomedical research.

"Clam Fart" gets student into Yale

Were you involved with the Quest Scholars chapter on your college campus? If so, how did your involvement affect or shape you? Not only did I remain involved with the Quest Scholars chapter at Yale —participating in various on-campus events— but I also represented the Yale chapter as a [Quest] Ambassador in Florida.

I felt that it was important to give back to the community by spreading the word about a program that made my dream of attending college come true. How will you use your PD Soros fellowship? What are your future academic or professional goals? Though I still hope to explore different areas of medicine and biomedical research, at the moment I plan to work at the intersection between engineering and surgery, developing new tools and techniques to improve the field of reconstructive surgery.

Do you have any tips or advice for Quest Scholars who might be interested in obtaining an award like the PD Soros fellowship, as they are navigating their academic careers in college? Be good at what you are passionate about. This school is located in New York while the other is in Cali, this one has 3 dining halls while the other only has 2, this one is ranked 5 in physics, while the other is ranked only 6.

College admissions staff are quite aware that it can be tough deciding which school you want to attend solely based off of information you found online or heard from someone else. They know that the best way to get a first-hand experience of what a college is like is to visit that college. From personal experience, I can tell you that admit weekends like Bulldog Days can be very overwhelming. Basically, someone is trying to cram the college experience into the span of three days. During Bulldog Days we host two events: one is a breakfast with our Admissions Department and the other is a late night hangout with current Quest students.

This provides students with the opportunity to ask questions specific to their situation as Quest Scholars. These can include questions related to work-study on campus, how to shop for textbooks, and how to navigate financial aid. Knowing the answers to these questions provides clarity and helps students have more credible information to justify their college decisions.

By day, we provide the administrative perspective of Yale.


Our signature event involves a late night gathering in a student kitchen at one of our residential dining halls, Silliman. As prefrosh pour in, current Quest Scholars welcome them to Yale and, together, make the best grilled cheese sandwiches with the best bread, cheeses, and meats! For me and many other Questies at Yale, this event has been one of the highlights of Bulldog Days.

Although you get to meet many future classmates during other events, now you get to meet future classmates with whom you can really relate. Another benefit of bringing together prefrosh and current Questies is that prefrosh really get to learn what life at Yale is really like. For all the current and future Quest Scholars who are currently deciding what school will be their home for the next four years, take that opportunity to visit each school and see if you can imagine yourself living there.

To those who will be visiting Yale during Bulldog Days, welcome to the family and we hope to see you at our events! But Mom and I saw beyond the road that seemed to lead nowhere, we were going to the QB College Prep Conference where, for the next 24 hours, I was not just a daughter of a single mother, or a student on the free lunch program—I was nothing but a potential college prep scholar.

College Admissions: Inside the Decision Room

The deadline for the college prep scholarship is looming before us. If these are your thoughts, let my try to persuade you otherwise. And if you are already set on applying or have already applied, let me tell you how you have made a great decision. Going through the college application process, people tend to ask themselves questions they usually never really thought about before, or if they did, never really wrote about. What do I like to do? What sets me apart from the kid down the block? What do I want to do in the next 5 years? And even the same existential questions: Who I am?

Who do I want to be? In beginning to tackle these problems through the College Prep Scholarship application, one is able to open the flood gates to a flow of new thoughts and questions about oneself, a process that I think is vital for preparing for the college application process.

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And, as a practical benefit, one has a couple of short essay responses prepared for those future essay questions. Some call it laziness, I call it efficiency. The college application is not a time period filled with daisies and roses. But what if you could have almost all your questions about QuestBridge and your dream colleges answered by the very people who might be reading your application a year later?

Hmmm but where could I find that?

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Not all College Prep Scholars are chosen to go to a conference, but if you are and you are quite a ways from your conference location, make a journey out of it! As referenced in the beginning of my article, mom and I took a road trip up to Stanford from LA about 2 years ago, leaving right after my last class finished on Friday and coming back Saturday evening.

And while I was completely exhausted, I got to eat junk food, sing Taylor Swift at the top of my lungs, eat fresh fruit from the farms we visited when we got lost, take a quick peep at the golden gate bridge, and most importantly, see Stanford! Basically I was killing two birds with one stone—learning about college and having a mini vacation with mom. Nonetheless, I strongly believe that by taking this small opportunity, this single College Prep Scholarship application can propel you into a world of Yeses.

No that is not the wrong spelling of the plural form of yes, I checked Oxford Dictionary. But, I know that your road might seem long and endless. It might not be very fruitful in the beginning, but if you have faith, it might lead to something awesome. Do you often find yourself spending more time downloading productivity apps than actually being productive? Do you scroll through Netflix options more often than you scroll through notes? Do you follow the motto: Due today, Do today? Well, Dr. Chen here is sorry to break it to you, but I must diagnose you with a serious case of Senioritis.

But have no fear, I am here to save you with our novel new antidote: Motivation TM. Daily doses of Motivation TM can help deter the urge to procrastinate, increase hours of sleep, and erase those innate impulses to watch cooking Youtube videos. When combined with Self-Control TM , our product increases effectiveness by 10 fold! Buy Motivation TM at your local pharmacy today!

How to Write College Application Essays | LitCharts

But what I found was that the drive to work is something that is hard to find, not just with seniors infected with senioritis. I mean, motivation is a rare commodity. And sometimes it is because our desire for our end goals are not enough to deter us from choosing hours of Netflix over hours of studying. It is fine to treat yourself to a break, but when you begin treating yourself everyday, you might have a problem at hand. Nonetheless, the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have a problem.

fcam.my.to/6708-valeo-manual.php Repeat after me, children: I am a procrastinator. I need help. Here are some tips I found helpful while battling senioritis or simply just trying to find the motivation to do something. Catch some Zzzzzzs. Though it sounds like a waste of time, taking a 15 minute nap is a much smarter use of your time then taking a 15 minute Facebook stalking break. Be aware, different nap times can have different effects on your body.

A short minute nap can help increase alertness without making you too groggy after waking up. A minute nap is great for improving memory and recall but might leave you struggling to wake up. I would say that my favorite length would be the minute nap. Making a commitment to someone else makes it that much more imperative that you finish your work because someone else is counting on you! Not only will you be finished with most of your essay, you also receive much needed feedback.

Organized room, organized mind. I just feel as if my room is the physical embodiment of my mind. Okay, this might just be me being a neat freak. Highlighting essays. I got this idea from my good friend Kevin. When writing a long essay or assignment, highlight the portions you finished in green, the portions you are working on in yellow, and the stuff you have not yet started on in red. Lost on how to choose a topic?

His channel is filled with original videos on the college application process.