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Essay on My Hobby Reading Books

It seems as if there should be more. It felt like more when I was writing it! For most of us, when we read what we have just written, what we experience is not simply the words on the paper. Instead, we remember the process of writing it. Instead of reading what we wrote, we remember what we meant. Thus when someone points out that we have not said what we thought we had, we are surprised and mystified. It requires a very high level of concentration to find out what you have actually written!

Many people never achieve it, so they never fully revise their writing because they never really read it.

Extract of sample "The Benefits of Reading"

But there are several techniques that can help you focus on the words you have written and see where you have strayed from your intention. I suggest three of them below. The most important technique is to read your essay aloud at every stage of revision. By "aloud" I mean audibly, so that you can hear the words. This will restrict you somewhat.

Top 10 reasons why reading is important

You will need to find a place that affords a degree of privacy. But that's a good idea anyway. The benefits of reading your essay aloud are substantial. When you read aloud you force yourself to focus more directly on what you are reading and you bring more of your brain to bear on the task of decoding the words.

Short Essay on Importance of Reading Books

When you read aloud, you maximize your concentration on the text in front of you and increase your ability to shut out distractions that will dilute your attention. When you first begin your revision, read through the whole draft, start to finish, before you start to revise the parts. Next, even if you wrote your first draft at the computer, print it out on paper before beginning your revision.

I'm not saying that you should never revise at the computer. But there are two problems with revising on the screen. First, you can't see the whole essay at one time.

CHECK THESE SAMPLES OF The Benefits of Reading

It is much harder to evaluate, for example, the relative lengths of paragraphs and to see the overall flow of the essay. Second, you can't write directly on the essay. One of the most important things you can do in your early revisions is to make a list of things about the essay that need more attention. What passages sound weak? Where do you need more evidence? Where are general passages that need examples to make them specific?

The world is no more the same that it used to be a few decades before.

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Everything has become changed. Our interests, hobbies, and goals are also changed. The introduction of tablets, smartphones, etc has badly impacted our habits. Apart from other impacts, the culture of book reading is dying fast.

11 Benefits Of Books | Why Is Reading Important?

Though it is regrettable fact yet there are positive vibes that knowledge and information are spreading fast. Book reading still occupies a prominent place.

follow url Reading quality books is the best ever hobby one may have. Books are the best friends. There are countless benefits of reading quality books as your hobby. Though we are made to read many books in our academic career, they can never take place, of your hobby. A book reading hobby is characterized by your intense interest in reading the quality books of different genres. As stated earlier, there are multiple benefits to reading quality books.

Reading sharpens your mind and increases your level of understanding of different things in your life. Books contain a wealth of knowledge and information. They accumulate the experience and observations decades within them.

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They help enrich your mind with that knowledge, experience, and understanding. Reading books help to relieve your stress and uncertainty. They give much-needed relief and relaxation to your mind. It is not only a form of entertainment or a hobby to keep you pleased. It is, in other words, an elixir for your mind that naturally needs extensive reading to grow and improve. It is a well-researched fact that good books readers can never experience mental stress and depression.