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Introduction to literature reviews

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Why do a literature review? Why do we do a literature review? To see what has and has not been investigated.

To identify data sources that other researchers have used. To learn how others have defined and measured key concepts. To develop alternative research projects. To put your work in perspective.

Introduction to literature reviews - Research & Learning Online

To contribute to the field by moving research forward. Reviewing the literature lets you see what came before, and what did and didn't work for other researchers.

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Classifying literature works, searching for common features that indicate that the literature piece belongs to a certain style and describing these features may be a challenging task, especially when you have some controversial examples of literature works that may or may not belong to this style. But if you really like the subject of your research, it can be very rewarding, because you may suddenly discover yourself lots of books written in your favorite style.

The second common set of literature review topics is authors and their works. Try not to turn your research paper into the biography. Focus on the literary heritage of the author, think about the impact the events of their life had on their writing.

Literature Review Tutorial: Why do a lit review?

You may compare the ideas that the author shows us at the beginning and at the end of his literature path and analyze the changes that happened. Of course, you may pick just a single book, lots of them deserve an exclusive research. Just keep in mind that it will be very hard to add something new to the already conducted researches of the classical pieces of literature. Feel free to inspire from our research topics in english language and literature.

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